Easy Profits From Horse Racing-Gambling – Follow ‘6’ Simple Steps For Tax Free Profits!

Its clear from past historical data that around 30% of favourites win. But we can greatly enhance this strike rate by adding some simple extra filters.

Follow these simple steps and you will soon make money.

1) Obtain a copy of the Racing post, or register with the racing Post online service its FREE scr888 .

2) Put a line through All handicap races, Sellers, Auction races, Nurseries (2 year old handicaps).

3) Delete all races that are over 9 runners. (9 is fine)

4) Out of the races that are left, we want to look at the favourite and make sure it has finished at least 1st or 2nd in its last race.

5) Make sure the favourite has run in the last 45 days or less (This figure is be found next to the horses name in the racing post).

6) The favourite must be priced at Evens or bigger, if its ‘Odds On’ then no bet.

You can even add your own filters that you feel will improve on profits still further.

Staking Plan

Every successful gambler has good money management skills. When you follow the above system you will see that you will only have very short losing runs, thus keeping your confidence high. This will enable you to adopt a more progressive staking plan than just betting the same amount on every horse (level Stakes).

Many have scoffed at this type of staking in betting, but it does have a place if the system your are following has a decent strike rate. Following the above system will give you a strike rate of between 50%-60%. Taking this into account you could stake as follows;

(1 – 3 – 5 -10) Reverting back to ‘1’ after a winner. If there is no winner after this sequence, then also go back to ‘1’.

Its as simple as that!
You will be amazed how small gains can quickly snowball into a tidy sum!

I have been researching and publishing systems and staking plans for many years. My work is to look at ways for punters to profit without experiencing the drastic highs and lows the come with most forms of gambling. Solid but steady growth is what I look for in every system.

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